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What to consider when choosing a gas heater


Energy rating labels can assist in selecting an energy efficient gas heating appliance. The Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA) recommend flued gas heating appliances that have a 4 star or greater rating by the Australian Gas Association (AGA) as these have earned the ENERGY STAR® mark.

The AGA energy rating label shows three important pieces of information:

photo.png1 Heat Output. This is the highest heat output. Use this figure to make sure that an appliance is big enough to heat the space required.

2.Annual Energy Consumption. This is the amount of energy an appliance would use if it were run for 2 ½ hours on high setting and 2 ½ hours on low setting for 100 days per year.

3.Star Band. This is the visual representation of the annual energy consumption and is great for a quick reference. It should be used for comparing one gas heating appliance with another. Remember it can’t be used to compare appliances of other fuel types.

EECA clean heating

EECA recommend choosing flued gas appliances that have a 4-star or greater AGA rating. These products are identified as energy efficient and they now have the ENERGY STAR® mark. This means the gas heaters and fireplaces are at least 79% efficient at converting gas to heat. To obtain the ENERGY STAR® mark a product must meet all of the stringent programme requirements to be registered with the New Zealand ENERGY STAR® programme and carry the ENERGY STAR mark.

Reference www.eeca.govt.nz

Other things to consider

Always choose a flued gas heater. If you get an unflued gas heater this will make your house damp and can harm your health if you don’t have enough ventilation.

Cause: Unflued gas heaters emit water vapour, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide directly into your home

Solution: Always choose a flued gas heater.

Check the Energy Star rating. Look for energy star qualified gas heaters as they deliver heat more efficiently, saving you money on your heating.The Rinnai Energysavers are 4.2 Energy star rated and deliver fast, efficient heating. They also deliver excellent air quality, which is great news for people concerned about asthma or allergies. And all models are approved by the Asthma Foundation. Click here to view on line. ($150 cashback offer valid until the end of June)

Avoid decorative heaters. These can have very low efficiencies and will cost a lot to run with doing little to heat your home.

Gas heaters are easy to install as they do not require a building consent, however they do need to be installed by a registered Gasfitter and a gas certificate must be issued for the installation.

Rinnai Gas app. To see how a Rinnai gas fire would look at home, download the Rinnai Flame Fire app. It’s free, and there’s an iPhone and Android version. Just search “Rinnai” to find it.

Escea on line tool. Escea have a great tool on their website allowing you to design your own fireplace http://myfireplace.escea.com/