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How to stop your pipes freezing on your gas continuous hot water system


This past week we have been hit harder than normal with sub zero temperatures and a few of our customers have been experiencing problems with their pipes freezing... here is what you need to know.

Your continuous gas water system comes equipped with heaters that prevent the water heater from freezing. For this freeze prevention system to operate there has to be electrical power to the water heater. The freeze prevention device will not work if the electrical power source is disconnected. If you are planning on turning your power off over winter you will need to drain your continuous hot water system before you turn the power off - click here and go to page 19 to find out how.

The pipe heaters are located on the water heater only. You should have lagging on the pipes outside your unit, this lagging only works to -8 degrees so you could still find these pipes will freeze. You can put a pipe cover over your pipes (as shown in the right hand image). If you have a pipe cover then you can put some pink batts behind the cover to add extra frost protection.

It's easy to tell if you don't have a pipe cover, as you will see the pipes sticking out at the bottom of your infinity unit.

We sell these pipe covers for $205 incl GST if you would like to add that extra bit of protection.

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